Get Asset By Creator

Return the list of assets given a creator address.

We recommend to fetch data with onlyVerified: true to make sure the asset actually belongs to that creator.


creatorAddressThe address of the creator of the assets.
onlyVerifiedIndicates whether to retrieve only verified assets or not.
sortBySorting criteria. This is specified as an object { sortBy: <value>, sortDirection: <value> }, where sortBy is one of ["created", "updated", "recentAction", "none"] and sortDirection is one of ["asc", "desc"]
limitThe maximum number of assets to retrieve.
pageThe index of the "page" to retrieve.
beforeRetrieve assets before the specified ID.
afterRetrieve assets after the specified ID.


getAssetByCreator Example

import { publicKey } from '@metaplex-foundation/umi';
import { createUmi } from '@metaplex-foundation/umi-bundle-defaults';
import { dasApi } from '@metaplex-foundation/digital-asset-standard-api';

const umi = createUmi('<ENDPOINT>').use(dasApi());
const creator = publicKey('D3XrkNZz6wx6cofot7Zohsf2KSsu2ArngNk8VqU9cTY3');

const assets = await umi.rpc.getAssetsByCreator({
    onlyVerified: true,
    limit: 10,
console.log(assets.items.length > 0);
Get Asset By Authority