Getting Started

The @metaplex-foundation/digital-asset-standard-api package can be use to interact with Metaplex DAS API:

The DAS API client is a Umi plugin so you will have to install Umi in conjunction with the DAS API client.

You can install the plugin from the location below.

npm install @metaplex-foundation/digital-asset-standard-api

Once installed you can register the library with your Umi instance.

import { dasApi } from "@metaplex-foundation/digital-asset-standard-api"

const umi = createUmi("").use(dasApi());

The plugin can be used with any RPC that supports the Metaplex DAS API specification – RPCs that support the specification can be found on the RPC Providers page.

Note You might need to contact your RPC provider to "enable" the DAS API on your endpoint.