Burn Delegate

The Transfer Plugin is a Owner Managed plugin that allows the authority of the program to burn the Asset at any given moment.

The Burn Plugin will work in areas such as:

  • Gaming scenario where the users NFT get burned based on an event that occurs.

Works With

MPL Core Asset
MPL Core Collection


The Burn Plugin doesn't contain any arguments to pass in.

Adding the Burn Plugin to an Asset

Adding a Burn Plugin to an MPL Core Asset

import { publicKey } from '@metaplex-foundation/umi'
import { addPluginV1, createPlugin } from '@metaplex-foundation/mpl-core'

const asset = publicKey('11111111111111111111111111111111')

await addPluginV1(umi, {
  asset: asset,
  plugin: createPlugin({ type: 'BurnDelegate' }),
Freeze Delegate Plugin