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Asset Mint Limit

This Guard is currently only available on devnet. Follow us on twitter to see when it's merged to mainnet!


The Asset Mint Limit guard restricts minting to holders of a specified collection and limits the amount of mints that can be done for a provided Core Asset. It can be considered as a combination of the NFT Gate for Core Assets and Mint Limit Guard, based on Asset Addresses instead of wallets.

The limit is set per Collection, per candy machine and per identifier — provided in the settings — to allow multiple asset mint limits within the same Core Candy Machine.

Guard Settings

The Mint Limit guard contains the following settings:

  • ID: A unique identifier for this guard. Different identifiers will use different counters to track how many items were minted by providing a given Asset. This is particularly useful when using groups of guards as we may want each of them to have a different mint limit.
  • Limit: The maximum number of mints allowed per Asset for that identifier.
  • Required Collection: The address of the required Collection. The Asset we provide as proof when minting must be part of this collection.

Set up a Candy Machine using the Asset Mint Limit guard

create(umi, {
  // ...
  guards: {
    assetMintLimit: some({
      id: 1,
      limit: 5,
      requiredCollection: requiredCollection.publicKey,

API References: create, MintLimit

Mint Settings

The NFT Mint Limit guard contains the following Mint Settings:

  • ID: A unique identifier for this guard.
  • Asset: The address of the Asset to provide as proof that the payer owns an Asset from the required collection.

Note that, if you’re planning on constructing instructions without the help of our SDKs, you will need to provide these Mint Settings and more as a combination of instruction arguments and remaining accounts. See the Core Candy Guard’s program documentation for more details.

Mint with the Asset Mint Limit Guard

You may pass the Mint Settings of the Mint Limit guard using the mintArgs argument like so.

mintV1(umi, {
  // ...
  mintArgs: {
    nftMintLimit: some({ id: 1, asset: assetToVerify.publicKey }),

Route Instruction

The Asset Mint Limit guard does not support the route instruction.

Asset Payment Multi