Core Candy Machine

Launch your next MPL Core Asset collection on Solana.

Read our documentation to create your own applications and drops with the Metaplex Core Candy Machine.

A screenshot of a mint page in the Creator Studio web app



The Metaplex Protocol Candy Machine is the leading minting and distribution program for fair NFT collection launches on Solana. With the introduction of the Metaplex Core Protocol simplifying the NFT process on Solana it was only fitting for a Core edition of the Candy Machine to come to the masses. Much like its name suggests, you can think of a Candy Machine as a temporary structure which is first loaded by creators and then unloaded by buyers. It allows creators to bring their digital assets on-chain in a secure and customisable way.

The name refers to the vending machines that dispense candy for coins via a mechanical crank. In this case the candy are NFTs and the payment is SOL or a SPL token.

Getting Started

Find the language or library of your choice and get started with Candy Machines.

API reference

Check out the Javascript API docs.

API reference

Check out the Rust API docs.

This documentation refers to the latest iteration of Candy Machine known as Core Candy Machine. It allows minting Core Assets. If you want to mint Metaplex Token Metadata NFTs please refer to Candy Machine V3 instead.