Quick Start

To get started with Hydra, you'll need the package for your programming environment.

If you are using Rust grab the crate here:

If you are using Javascript, grab the package here:

Quick Start - JS

Install the package from npm:

yarn add @glasseaters/hydra-sdk

This is how you'd set up a Hydra with the Wallet membership model.

import { Connection, Keypair, LAMPORTS_PER_SOL } from "@solana/web3.js";
import { ASSOCIATED_TOKEN_PROGRAM_ID, Token, TOKEN_PROGRAM_ID } from "@solana/spl-token";
import { airdrop } from "@metaplex-foundation/amman";
import {
} from "@glasseaters/hydra-sdk";

const connection = new Connection("devnet", "confirmed");
const authorityWallet = Keypair.generate();

await airdrop(connection, authorityWallet.publicKey, LAMPORTS_PER_SOL * 2);

const fanoutSdk = new FanoutClient(
  new NodeWallet(new Account(authorityWallet.secretKey))

// Initialize the Hydra Wallet
const { fanout, nativeAccount } = await fanoutSdk.initializeFanout({
  totalShares: 100,
  name: `Your Globally Unique Wallet Name`,
  membershipModel: MembershipModel.Wallet,

// fanout is your fanout config address
// nativeAccount is your account address

// Retrieve the On-chain Hydra Wallet
const fanoutAccount = await fanoutSdk.fetch<Fanout>(

console.log(fanoutAccount); // Shows you all the parameters in your Hydra

// This is your Hydra Wallet Address
let HydraAccountKey = fanoutAccount.accountKey // this is the same thing as nativeAccount above

// If you only know the Hydra name, this is how you can retrieve the account key
let name = `Your Globally Unique Wallet Name`
let [key, bump] = await fanoutSdk.fanoutKey(name)
let [holdingAccount, bump] = await fanoutSdk.nativeAccount(key)

// Add members

const member1 = new Keypair();
const { membershipAccount1 } = await fanoutSdk.addMemberWallet({
  fanout: init.fanout,
  fanoutNativeAccount: init.nativeAccount,
  membershipKey: member1.publicKey,
  shares: 10

//Repeat for all members until sum(shares) == totalShares from initialization

// Send some Sol to the Hydra Wallet so you can distribute
await airdrop(connection, HydraAccountKey, 2);

// Generate the distribution instructions
let distMember1 = await fanoutSdk.distributeWalletMemberInstructions(
    distributeForMint: false,
    member: member1.wallet.publicKey,
    fanout: fanout,
    payer: authorityWallet.publicKey, // This can be changed to whoever sends the tx

// Send the distribution instructions
const tx = await fanoutSdk.sendInstructions(
if (!!tx.RpcResponseAndContext.value.err) {
  const txdetails = await connection.getConfirmedTransaction(tx.TransactionSignature);
  console.log(txdetails, tx.RpcResponseAndContext.value.err);

// Member1 Should have 0.2 more sol in their wallet