Developer Tools

On top of on-chain programs, Metaplex offers a variety of developer tools that can be used to create and maintain your own Solana programs.

  • Umi: A JavaScript framework to build Solana clients.
  • Kinobi: A superset of the IDL spec that allows us to generate program clients.
  • Shank: A set of macros that help vanilla Solana program generate IDLs.
  • Amman: A library that helps set up local validators for development.
  • Solana Project Template: A GitHub template for vanilla Solana programs and their clients.
  • Action: A set of useful GitHub Actions for Solana devs.
  • Rust Bin: A library that syncs a local Rust binary with a crate's dependencies.
  • Cusper: A library that identifies JavaScript errors from Solana logs.
  • Beet: A set of borsh serializers for common Solana types.
  • Solita: A JavaScript client generator for Solana programs (Kinobi's predecessor).
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