Available Guards

Program Gate


The Program Gate guard restricts the programs that can be in a mint transaction. This is useful to prevent bots adding malicious instructions from arbritary programs in the same transaction as the mint.

The guard allows the necessary programs for the mint and any other program specified in the configuration.

Guard Settings

The Program Gate guard contains the following settings:

  • Additional: List of additional programs addresses (up to 5 addresses) that are allowed to include instructions on the mint transaction.

Set up a Candy Machine using the Program Gate guard

create(umi, {
  // ...
  guards: {
    programGate: some({ additional: [<PUBKEY 1>, <PUBKEY 2>, ..., <PUBKEY 5>] }),

API References: create, ProgramGate

Mint Settings

The Program Gate guard does not need Mint Settings.

Route Instruction

The Program Gate guard does not support the route instruction.

NFT Payment